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Level two is here! Unfortunately for most of our branches this will mean little change to their level of day to day activity for the foreseeable future. For the latest information regarding your branch check this page or contact your branch secretary. You are also advised to check our coming events page for the status of any major events run by our branches.

Ashburton Branch

We have suspended club activities until 30 June 2020.This means that the club nights for April and May will be cancelled.  The AGM which was to be held on the 18th of June will also be postponed. We will advise later when the AGM will be held.
At this stage the Annual Dinner is still booked for the 16th of July, but an early call will be made on this and we will advise you.
Update 14 May: Parts Shed and Museum continue to remain closed, but we will be reviewing that in two weeks after the next government review on gatherings.

Auckland Branch

Has suspended all branch meetings runs and rallies, plus we had advised all our club room renters that the clubrooms were closed until further notice.

Central Otago VCC

Events formal and informal are cancelled or postponed until further notice.

Far North Branch

Check the events page for cancelled events.

Gisborne Branch

Gisborne branch has withdrawn all meetings and club runs including the parts shed until at least the end of April as required. The Annual General Meeting will still be held on June 17 if conditions allow.

Gore Branch

We have suspended the monthly meetings and Tuesday Rambles until further notice. The Ladies Run on the 5th April has been postponed. Other events are still in the calendar but remain subject to change according to the Covid-19 Alert Level and local conditions.

Hawke’s Bay Branch

Updated 14 May: All club activities cancelled until 30 June 2020. This includes Club nights, club runs, kitchen night, Tuesday morning’s part shed & morning tea and mid week runs. Also club AGM schedule for 10 June 20 may be postponed pending clarification/confirmation from National Office. As of 14 May Hawke’s Bay branch will resume holding the monthly committee meetings commencing at the clubrooms on Wednesday 20th May.  At this stage all other activities remain closed.

Horowhenua Branch

Updated 14 May: Horowhenua Branch will be holding its normal May Committee meeting on the 27th May 2020.
Our spares department will be up and running from Thursday 14 May. Please send any enquiries to Callum Farmer on callumfarmer77@hotmail.com. All other enquiries to the Secretary on horowhenua@vcc.org.nz

Manawatu Branch

Confirmed 14 May. Committee has voted to suspend ALL activities until further notice.

Marlborough Branch

All branch activities  are on hold in the meantime. No weekly morning teas. No Noggin and Natters and all runs have been put off


All club activities suspended until further notice.  Clubrooms, Vehicle Shed and Parts Shed all closed until further notice. Kiwi North Regional Park, Museum/Kiwi House and all clubs and activities on the park closed until further notice.   AGM which was to be held June 21st postponed indefinitely.  Current committee will stay on until next AGM.   Rattles and Squeaks newsletter will continue although obviously with less content than usual so we will welcome any contributions.

North Otago

Confirmed 14 May. Branch has suspended all club activities at least until the end of June 2020. This suspension applies to all Club Meetings, Rallies, and Monday Spares Activities. We will continue to monitor the situation and review the suspension of activities as the situation demands.

Otago Branch

Clubrooms closed until further notice

Taupo Branch

Taupo events on April 5th, 13th/14th, and 19th are cancelled and the AGM’s on May 8th and 13th are postponed.

Waikato Branch

All events and activities cancelled. AGM postponed

Wairarapa branch

Updated 14 May: We have suspended all meetings. Our AGM scheduled for 8 June 2020 has yet to be confirmed.

Wanganui Branch

All events cancelled until 30 June 2020.

West Coast Branch

Confirmed 14 May: All events cancelled everything for the foreseeable future