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Throughout the year various branches of the club run speed events designed to test drivers and vehicles alike.

A speed event may take several different forms. Circuit or street racing, hill climbs, bent sprints or any event where speeds will exceed the limits imposed by the Transport Act of 1992 and its amendments.  All vehicles as defined by the rules of the Club and accepted under those rules are eligible for speed events. Eligibility for events may be restricted to specific vehicle categories or types, at the organiser’s discretion.

A permit is required and a Steward will be appointed by the National Speed Steward to be in attendance.
If a branch is unsure if a proposed event comes under these regulations then a decision should be sought from the National Speed Steward.

Entrants will need to have a historic race licence. These Licences are renewed every five years. (Download form here for Historic Race Licence renewal). Vehicles involved in historic racing require  a VCC Competition Log Book and a VIC.