Historic Vehicle Authority of New Zealand

The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

 Club-Eligible Vehicles

Vehicles being generally defined as cars, trucks, motorcycles etc., and other self propelled conveyances capable of being used on public roads.

Veteran Vehicles (VET)

Motor Vehicles constructed prior to 31 December 1918.

Vintage Vehicles (VV)

Motor Vehicles constructed between 1 January 1919 and 31 December 1931.

Post Vintage Vehicles (PVV)

Motor Vehicles constructed between 1 January 1932 and 31 December 1945.

Post War Vehicles (PWV)

Motor Vehicles constructed between 1 January 1946 and 31 December 1960.

Post 1960 Vehicles (P60V)

Motor Vehicles constructed between 1st January 1961 and 31st December 1980, such vehicles to be known as Post 1960 Vehicles

Post 1980 Vehicles (P80V)

Motor Vehicles constructed after 1 January 1981 provided that no vehicle is accepted for this class until 1 January of the year that is thirty years after its original year of construction.

Factory Built, and Historic Racing Vehicles (HRV)

Historic Racing Vehicles, which are at least in their thirtieth year since their year of original construction, plus Factory built racing cars no longer in production.

Period Specials

Period Specials (PS1) Group One is a vehicle which has been built up solely utilising period production components within the periods represented in A, B, C, D, E & F these Production Modified vehicles (PM) will be grouped as either B4 or B5. Period Specials (PS2) Group Two is a vehicle which has been constructed using some major period parts to imitate a design of a particular period. These constructed vehicles must be grouped as either C4 (and must be a very accurate imitation of an original vehicle) or C5 (period style of vehicles). Multi Period Special (MPS) is a vehicle constructed out of unrelated components from more than one recognised period of manufactures C5 – all major components must be over 30 years old.

Authentic Reproduction Vehicle (ARV)

Motor Vehicles newly constructed to the exact specification of an original factory production model that comply with the VCC Code for Period Specials.